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Upon achieving accreditation as an international trainer, you will be eligible for membership with IOHS, an organization that offers increased training opportunities for trainers worldwide and grants British international certificates to trainees. Obtaining this badge and rank is a prerequisite to receiving these benefits.


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Would you like to know how to establish your training center as an internationally accredited institution?

Your center obtains international accreditation from the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR HEALTH AND NUTRITION SCIENCES, which opens up many horizons for you in the world of training, the most important of which are:

Register on the IOHS educational platform as an accredited training center and take advantage of the advantages offered by Platt
Communicating with many internationally accredited trainers in accordance with international standards in many countries, which opens new horizons for the institution to train around the world and increase investment opportunities in Tamarreen.
Participants in the training courses of the accredited training institution obtained certificates issued by the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR HEALTH AND NUTRITION SCIENCES
Many governmental and private centers and international organizations ask when submitting training bids for trainers accredited by accredited international accreditation centers, and obtaining international accreditation for your center makes it easier for your center to communicate with internationally accredited trainers in all fields of training through the IOHS educational platform on what allows the center to participate in these bids.
Benefit from the advantages of the IOHS educational platform after the center has approved at least three training bags approved in the name of the center, with the possibility of adding training courses for these bags on the platform and activating them to provide them online, and the center gets a 50% return from the unsecured training revenues (courses registered on the platform)
An international accreditation certificate is obtained in the name of the center through the international verification website and through the IOHS educational platform page of the training center.
Providing the training center for training courses for internationally accredited participants in accordance with international standards, starting with the training package, passing through the trainer, then the training center, and then providing an exam for the participants in the courses through an accredited examination center to obtain an accredited international certificate. Certificate
Double your center’s resources by increasing its opportunities in the vast world of training through its investment in the IOHS brand

  • Certificates for participants in accredited courses on the International Organization of Health and Nutrition Science (IOHS) educational platform are issued free of charge upon passing final exams. Standardized examination fees for all Oxford Accreditation Board for United Kingdom (OAB-UK) accredited courses are only $30.

    IOHS upholds international quality standards for certificates by requiring accreditation from an approved training center, trainer, and training package. Certificates are electronically documented and verified worldwide.

    Trainers accredited by IOHS can be contracted easily through the educational platform. Accredited training centers can document their accreditation status and approved training packages on dedicated pages, and can register participants for courses through IOHS or OAB-UK.

    IOHS’s community platform allows trainees to communicate with each other, create groups, and participate in forums. Accredited training centers can also apply for liaison center or examination center status through OAB-UK.

    Trainers can be accredited under the name of their affiliated training center within IOHS’s accreditation fields.

  • The training center has earned the ‘Accredited Training Center’ badge on the IOHS educational platform, indicating that it meets international standards for accreditation and training set forth by the Occupational Advisory Board-UK. As a result, the center can now enjoy benefits such as an account on the platform with a dedicated page featuring accredited trainers and approved courses offered under the center’s name. This page allows interested parties to easily register for courses offered by the center.
  • According to international standards for accreditation and training set by OAB-UK, no student can receive an internationally accredited certificate without attending a training course provided by an accredited trainer and passing an exam administered by IOHS. Additionally, the training center must create an account in its name on the special page designated for accredited trainers and approved courses on the OAB-UK website.

The Liaison Center is considered a regional representative of the Accreditation and Education Quality Control Center OAB-UK as agreed within the territory or in the country/city where it is located. This facilitates procedures and communication with accredited centers and individuals. For instance, it streamlines registration and certification procedures for both centers and individuals seeking accreditation.